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    About Us

    Finding The Exquisite

    We believe a product is more than just a product if it has integrity, if it's made from the finest ingredients painstakingly sourced, put together with great passion, cast in time-honoured traditions or shaped by new-age innovation, if it delivers on its promises, if it tells a story, an interesting story and surprises you every time.

    At Brummells of London we journey the far corners of the world or journey back into our heritage to discover these gems and carefully select, edit and curate them all at one place. So all you have to do is sit back, click through and enjoy.

    We don’t think of our products as products. We think of them as finds. We’re purveyors of the remarkable and the sublime, and in order to purvey, we must travel. And like any worthy explorer, we bring back our discoveries for you to enjoy.

    We travel the world on a never-ending search for the most exquisite men’s and women’s grooming and beauty finds. We’re constantly on the hunt for unusual innovations, stories of rich heritage and time honoured tradition, and fine ingredients sourced and blended with great passion. Once gathered, we review and curate them to bring you, not simply products, but the exquisite.

    The Pineapple

    Our logo isn't just an icon to us. It has come to symbolise the story behind why we travel the seas and search the lands for the very best products for you.

    Centuries ago, sea captains would place a pineapple outside their home as a signal of their return from a voyage. A fresh pineapple was also considered a rare luxury and coveted delicacy - just how we think of our own products.

    So next time you see our tropical tag, think of it as the marker of exquisite approval.