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    Aethic Sôvée Ecocompatible Sunscreen SPF40 150ml

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    • The very first certified marine safe sunscreen
    • Contains vitamin E
    • Quickly absorbed, non-greasy
    • No alcohol, no titanium dioxide, no zinc oxide and no petroleum emollients
    First and foremost Aethic Sôvée provides great protection for your skin. It provides broader spectrum protection against more of the sun’s harmful rays than many other leading sunscreens. It does this by using three of the most photo-stable filters available on the market to achieve optimal broad-spectrum protection. Organic Moisturisers. Helping to care for your skin, Aethic Sôvée sunscreens are made using a combination of organic moisturisers; including Olive Oil, Beeswax, and Coconut extract. Providing ideal hydration and nourishment for your skin. Vitamin E provides antioxidant properties into the skin, helping to neutralise the effects of free radicals often associated with sun exposure. Many sunscreens contain ingredients that can trigger fatal viruses in live coral that can destroy natural reefs. Aethic Sôvée is a nature and marine friendly sunscreen that will provide broad-spectrum protection for your skin whilst being kind to the ocean. Each ingredient has been tested to ensure it has minimal impact on coral and marine life. Aethic use food grade preservatives and are committed to excluding ingredients that might be harmful to your skin and the environment. Aethic Sôvée formulations do not use any parabens, petroleum emollients, artificial preservatives, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, alcohol, lanolin, shark squalene. Recyclable and Biodegradablee. Aethic have gone one step further by using packaging that is eco conscious. The boxes are made from sustainable paper and there is no glue used in making the boxes. The bottles are also made from a corn-plastic. An effective eco-compatible sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection for your skin and uses ingredients that will not harm coral or marine life. It smells exquisite too!
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    Behind Aethic

    Ocean Safe

    Aethic is the first sunscreen on the market to be certified marine positive and is committed to ensuring that what is good for skin is also good for nature. Most sunscreens are harmful to coral. Aethic’s Sôvée has used scientific research to source ingredients that are both kind to your skin and to marine life. 

    Non-sticky, non-oily and easily absorbed, this UK based brand has selected three of the best, most photo-stable sun filters available to achieve optimal broad-spectrum protection. Together with three organic moisturisers; olive oil, beeswax and coconut extract, as well the anti-oxidant vitamin E and using only food-grade preservatives, Aethic’s Sôvée have created a unique and effective range.

    Eco Sunscreen

    Aethic’s Sôvée is not only biodegradable, but has gone one step further in being eco-compatible; resulting in the ingredients doing no harm to marine life once they have degraded. The bottle has been created from corn plastic, which is biodegradable and the box from sustainable Swedish paper. No glue is used and the inks are water based only.

    Their list of ‘no’s is reassuringly long:

    No parabens

    No petroleum emollients

    No artificial preservatives

    No zinc oxide

    No titanium dioxide

    No alcohol

    No lanolin

    No shark squalene

    And the list of ingredients is significantly shorter than most other sunscreens.

    Marine Positive

    Aethic has recently been working with Kings College, looking into producing a sunscreen that uses naturally occurring MAA. Algae living in coral produce a compound that when transported to and modified by coral, creates a natural sunscreen for the benefit of both the coral and the algae. 

    Aethic’s Sôvée sunscreen was chosen as the best ‘host’ product for the compound due to its existing broad-spectrum UVA/UVB and photo-stability characteristics and scientifically proven eco-compatibility credentials.