The Basics of Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is a traditional holistic healing treatment that uses essential oils from plants and flowers. It is designed to treat the whole body, with aims to assist the body’s natural abilities to heal, rest and recover from stress and illness. Each essential oil used in aromatherapy is said to have different properties. For example, some calm and make you feel relaxed while others can make you feel more energised. Aromatherapy typically works in two different ways - through sense of smell and through skin absorption.


All About Therapie


Therapie is a luxurious natural range here at Brummells of London, exquisitely crafted by aromatherapy alchemist Michelle Roques O'Neil. With over 30 years of experience, Roques O'Neil is dedicated to promoting inner wellbeing through a series of blends that help to alleviate and counter stress. If you are feeling over worked, full of stress or looking for alternate remedies for a pick me up, Therapie products may be just what you need!

With a strong belief in the vitality and healing alchemy of plants, Therapie bring products produced with aromatic plants and vegetable oils, powdered crystals, woods, minerals and resins to curate a sublime palette of cosmic and organic ingredients.


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Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts Pouch 100g

Illuminate your life by creating space and time to nurture and reset your over worked spirits and make them wonder-full. This powerful award-winning blend of salts, crystal powder and essential oils is designed to balance pH levels and positive/negative ions.

These beautiful bath salts are made with therapeutic Himalayan pink mineral salts and essential oils, dusted with powdered amethyst.

Helping to dissolve accumulated physical and emotional toxins, these fabulous ingredients combine to create a soothing, uplifting - and truly aromatherapeutic - bathing experience.

This mini pouch contains between two to three baths worth. Its unique mineral content combined with detoxifying essential oils and a touch of alchemy encourage deep relaxation.

Note - Not safe for use during pregnancy.


Therapie Protect Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Therapies’ daily wellness range helps you stay In-tune all day long. This blend utilises the powerful antiseptic and antiviral properties of essential oils to boost fragile immune systems.

The immune boosting aromatherapy bath and body oil formula helps to combat colds and flu-like symptoms. A first line of support when it comes to feeling run down, it’s a boost to mind and body, containing essential oils that provide a powerful boost to your immune system when you feel weak and in need of inner fortification.


Therapie Awaken Skin Rehab 125g

A cocktail of the finest natural and aromatherapeutic ingredients, Therapie Awaken Skin Rehab is a super fine powder that smooths and nourishes skin, boosts circulation, draws out impurities and helps to condition skin with anti-bacterial and moisturising properties.

Packed full of great ingredients, the likes of Green bamboo powder cleanses and conditions skin whilst yoghurt powder - rich in lactic acid - helps to tone skin and restore its natural radiance.


How to use:

In the shower, apply to damp skin and massage all over your body. Alternatively mix with your favourite bath & shower gel or oil and massage in then rinse.

This product is a fine powder that can be used with your favourite bath & shower gel or will melt into slightly damp skin to help slough away dead skin, draw out impurities and boost circulation.


Therapie Comfort Warming Rub 50ml

A warming, decongestant formula, Therapies’ Comfort Warming Rub is a soothing balm infused with immunity-boosting essential oils. Helping to fight off cold symptoms and give you a sense of soothing relief.

It helps to counter seasonal bugs. It contains turpentine to ease sore joints, camphor to alleviate a tight chest, frankincense to provide respiratory support and rosemary to promote circulation for the ultimate in healing bathroom treatments.

Use wherever there is pain or a blockage to ease and clear congestion, inflammation and pain. A must have for your healing tool kit!


Therapie Love Natural Candle

A spicy floral fragrance designed to uplift the spirit and bring the energy of Love to any room. A seductive, sultry fragrance that is perfect for creating ambience with guests or for some relaxing me-time. Made with sustainable non-GM soy wax and a natural chlorine free wick that burns for approximately 40 hours.


Therapie Pure Clean Air Candle

A therapeutic aromatherapy candle fragranced to heal the environment and create an ambience of calm and tranquillity. The antiseptic and anti-viral nature of essential oils in this candle helps to create an air of harmony and solace with a fragrance of lemon myrtle, cajuput, lavender, frankincense and thyme, using natural waxes and wick.