Fragrance can be the best accessory to boost our mood and leave lasting impressions.

There is always emphasis placed on finding that ‘perfect’ scent, but why do we just have to choose just one? Like your collection of jewellery, makeup, handbags and our entire wardrobe… having a range of scents to wear means you are ready to hit the streets - no matter what the occasion!


What is a fragrance wardrobe?


Building a collection of perfumes, colognes or any type of fragrance is often referred to as a fragrance wardrobe. This is a great way to ensure you are prepared with the perfect scent for every event - and sometimes, it’s nice to have more than one. Fragrances have the power to last in our memories. If you’re feeling nostalgic or wanting to make some new memories, your perfume collection can help you along the way.


It can be tempting to stock up on many fragrances that suit your mood in the moment. Whilst it’s a good idea to have a choice when it comes to your favourite scents, we recommend investing in just a few at a time.

The idea is that you want to build your signature scent wardrobe, not an oversized and confused collection. Knowing your ideal number is important as you still want to be able to use them all. And always remember, fragrances can expire and weaken over time.

Check out our ‘How to make your fragrance last’ Blog for tips on how to extend the life of your scent.



For now, let’s look at some 4 ways to help you build the perfect fragrance wardrobe for you.


  1. Research - Know your categories


There are many types of fragrances we can invest in - Floral, Fresh, Citrus, Woody, Oriental to name a few, and it can be hard to pick a favourite. But by building a fragrance wardrobe, you are not restricted to only one scent.

Make sure you shop around before settling on a fragrance and test it out on your skin, where possible so that you understand how the fragrance works with you.

It is also worth noting that fragrances are often available in different strengths. This could be helpful when trying to build a varied range in your collection. Some occasions may call for subtle, lighter hints of a scent, whilst others are suited to a richer and more intense pay off.


  1. When you will wear - perfume for the occasion


Taking the seasons into account when looking to expand your current collection is a great place to start. Finding a scent to suit the season is one of the easiest ways find fragrances that will match all occasions. For example, spring and summer call for lighter, crisp and refreshing scents that will flow in harmony with the warm air. When temperatures outside rise, we advise avoiding rich scents as they can be quite dense and overpowering.

Autumn and winter mean that temperatures drop, bringing cold weather and rainy days. Here you might opt for those heavier, more concentrated scents that are guaranteed to bring warmth no matter how cold it gets.


  1. Follow your nose


Knowing what you do and don’t like is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing fragrances. No one wants an expensive bottle of perfume sitting on the shelf because you don’t like the way it smells on you - unless the bottle looks really cool of course.

There will always be best sellers and latest trends but try not to let this influence your choice if you are not keen on the way it smells. It is important that you find what’s best for you.


  1. Invest in a few classics


Keeping a classic fragrance in your collection is always advisable. Although it’s good to try new scents, you don’t want to forget about ‘your’ scent! Once you’ve found your favourite fragrance, make sure keep this as a back-up for when you are not sure what to wear. It is best to have an all-round fragrance in your collection that can be easily used on the go and for all occasions.



Here are some of Brummells of London’s summer must haves for your fragrance wardrobe:


Floris White Rose Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml

BVLGARI Eau Parfumée au Thé Bleu Eau de Cologne Spray 75ml

BVLGARI Eau Parfumée au thé Bleu Eau de Cologne Spray takes its inspiration from the finest Chinese oolong tea. Aromatic floral tones diffuse and aromatic freshness that reveals a fresh, harmonic sensation for body and mind. Bleu is fresh like a purifying oxygen bubble that creates a sense of wellness and purity that creates a new sensation of renaissance for mind and body. Fresh lavender oil opening notes surround a heart of violet mingled with pink and aqueous floral nuances with the fluidity of fine oolong. The deep, delicate blue tea accord is revealed as flamboyant iris lavishly envelops the rich comfort of soft musk. Top Notes: Lavender; Heart Notes: Oolong tea; Base Notes: Iris.