When getting ready, applying a fragrance is a vital step for many of us. Your signature scent completes your routine and leaves you ready to face the day - or night depending on the occasion. But sometimes, we find that our fragrances aren’t lasting as long as we want them too.

Here are 9 tips that outline steps you can take to get the most out of your fragrance!

  1. Apply your perfume to pulse points


You may have heard this one before, but what do pulse points actually mean?

A pulse point is an area on your body where blood pumps closer to the skins surface. What makes these areas so great, is that these parts of the body generate more heat which allows your fragrance to develop faster and can help the fragrance rise in the air.

Some pulse points we recommend are behind your ears, the base of the throat and inside the elbow

If you are new to using fragrance, start slowly by choosing one area at a time. If you find that the scent fades quickly, try another area next time you apply it. But remember, it is easy to be nose blind with regular use of your favourite scent, so you might want to check with a family member or friend that your application is not too overpowering - sometimes less is more.


  1. Dab, don’t rub


This is important in helping the longevity of your fragrance. The formulation is delicate and whilst rubbing makes for a quicker application, it breaks down the bonds resulting in your scent fading much more quickly.

Some women enjoy spritzing perfume into the air and then walking through it. Although this does work, a lot of the fragrance goes to waste which is not so good for those on a budget.


  1. Apply your fragrance after the shower


Applying fragrance directly onto skin rather than clothing allows the scent to mix with our skin’s natural oils. This is what gives your scent its unique quality. Showering right before you use your fragrance offers two benefits. One is that you are ensuring your skin is clean and free from other scents. Secondly, your skin is more hydrated, and pores are more open which will help the lock in the scent.


  1. Use a moisturiser as your base


Fragrances tend to fade more quickly on dry skin. Those with naturally oilier and hydrated skin will find that fragrances last a lot longer. Moisturising skin before applying fragrance is a great way to prep the skin and give it a boost. We recommend a fragrance-free moisturiser so that it doesn’t conflict with your chosen scent.

  1. Use the matching products


This brings us to tip number 5 - layering products from the same range. This is an effective way to make a fragrance last longer. Whilst you do not want to conflict scents, using shower gels, lotions and a fragrance from the same collection will enhance your scent and keep you smelling great.


  1. Use a stronger formulation


The concentration of your scent will determine how strong your fragrance is and how long it will last. Using a stronger formulation will increase the intensity of the scent and should last for a longer period of time.

Generally speaking, Eau De Cologne and Eau De Toilette are lighter and more diluted concentrations of a fragrance. Parfum is heavier and more concentrated which means the fragrance should be stronger and last for longer periods of time.


  1. Store your perfume in dry, dark place


Over time, light exposure can cause your fragrances to deteriorate. Avoid placing the bottles in direct sunlight if at all possible.

We recommend keeping your fragrances in their original packaging or somewhere dark such as a draw or cabinet.


  1. Keep the bottle sealed


Like light, oxygen will also make your fragrance deteriorate after time. As soon as a new bottle of fragrance is opened, it becomes exposed to oxygen. This causes the scent to dilute and become oxidised. Ensure your fragrances remain closed when not in use and try to keep the exposure to air to minimum. This will aid in maintaining the intensity of your favourite scent.


  1. Line your drawers with your favourite scent for an extra punch.


Our final tip involves the use of drawer liners. Clothing fibres are able to hold onto scents for a long time, so we advise using drawer liners scented with your favourite fragrance to make your clothes smell just as good as when you apply it to your skin. Scented clothes will aid in keeping your fragrance intense and longer lasting. You will also benefit from fewer stains caused by applying your fragrance directly onto clothing, and who wouldn’t enjoy that?