We're starting a new series on the Brummells Journal called: My Two Scents - featuring guest blog posts from people we admire in which they share their two most loved fragrances and what they mean to them.

Kicking off our first post in this series is actress and friend of Brummells of London, Emily Bevan, best known for her roles in A Casual Vacancy, Grantchester, In The Flesh and Doc Martin.

Take it away, Emily...

"They say that your choice of fragrance reveals a lot about you. So perhaps it's worrying that my perfume is essentially a G & T in a bottle; Penhaligon's 'Juniper Sling'."

Discovering a fragrance that you love is a rare, thrilling, mysterious thing. It is deeply personal and instinctive. The scent must speak to you, and speak for you - a reflection and extension of your style and personality.

Last week I was on holiday in Spain where the G & T’s are served in glasses the size of footballs. Literally the size of your head! So I’m in a particularly good place to reflect on the qualities of this much loved pick me up. A good G & T, is refreshing, zesty, bright, with a detectable spice underneath. And this is the nature of Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's. It is a delicious, rounded fragrance but it somehow remains light and delicate. I bathe in the stuff, and regularly get complimented on it. It also comes pleasingly packaged in Penhaligon's quintessentially chic apothecary style - with a little silver bow on the cap for good measure.

My head hadn’t been turned by another fragrance until a trip to Brummells of London a few years ago, where I was given a tour of the carefully curated products by my friend Mark (having a pal who runs a shop has it's perks). I am always drawn to brands and products with a story. I genuinely feel that you connect to them and appreciate them more. So I was intrigued by the range from Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack - who first started developing fragrance as another medium for her art exhibitions.

Maack’s creations have intriguing evocative names like ‘dark’, ‘smart’ and ‘soft tension’. You get the idea. Each scent is an artistic expression, a Rothko in a bottle if you will.

The one I fell in love with is ‘Silk Eau de Parfum’ - a sexy scent with notes of violet, citrus & leather.

It's described as a 're-imagination of the touch of the delicate fabric on the skin.’ I don't know about that, but it lingers on the skin, and I love it and can't really tell you why. But that's the nature of fragrance.

See Emily in 'Breathe' - a film starring Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy - directed by Andy Serkis.