We are excited to share our newest brand with you, LLIO.

LLIO is a spiritually charged beauty brand, which uses essential oils infused with gemstone crystals to create a Crystoil exilir.

Crystals + Essential Oils = CRYSTOILS



Welsh born founder, Nia, is a trained beauty therapist, aromatherapist, PR guru with a history of working with beauty brands and magazine titles such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Tatler.

This brand was created after years of research and with so much care and passion. Fusing together the finest ethically sourced crystals from Brazil with the highest grade essential and base oils, the LLIO products were created. All of the packaging is created in the UK, the boxes hand-cut by UK artisans and tie-dye inspired ribbon (a nod to the hippies) designed by artist Poppy Waddilove.

LLIO is inspired in memory of a Beauty Queen, Beauty Therapist and beautiful mother.



LLIO was created following the sudden passing of Llio, Nia's Mother, who inspired the brand. Llio went to beauty school at 16 and regularly blended oils in the family home.

The LLIO brand was born out of studies in aromatherapy, crystal healing and meditation. Nia travelled the world to learn about the history and beauty of aromatherapy oils and balms.

These products are all multi-purpose. They can be used as body oils and bath oils. Crystals are infused in the oil blends. Each stone vibrates a healing energy through the oil and offers healing vibrations as they work to remove blockages around the body, restoring a natural flow of energy.


Rose Quartz Bath & Body Crystoil


Open your heart and higher heart to chakra. Infused with Rose Quartz crystals, the stone of unconditional love, you will realise a sparkling internal energy and attract loving vibes. Ingredients include Rose Geranium for cleansing the mind, Sweet Orange for antiseptic benefits, Lavender True for healing and cleansing the body, and Palmarosa for balancing and soothing nervous exhaustion and stress.



Higher Self Citrine Bath & Body Crystoil


Transcend to your highest vestion of yourself with a magical blend of oil infused with Citrine crystals, a high vibration stone to attract abundance, increase your power, allow you to focus on goals and heal disturbed energies. Ingredients include Lemon for cleansing and decongesting skin, Bergamot for boosting skin and relieving stress and anxiety, Sweet Orange for antiseptic uses, Black Spruce for soothing sore muscles.



Magic Centre Obsidian Bath & Body Crystoil


Ground yourself and find your magic centre with this exquisite blend of essential oils infused with Obsidian crystals - a deep soul healing crystal and protective stone to ground your base chakra and absorb any negative energies. Deep-rooted Vetiver brings a stabilising tranquility, quiet assurance and draws you to earth offering support and strength. Ingredients include Grapefruit to sooth muscular aches and pains, Vetiver for calming and reassuring strength, Vanilla as an emotionally comforting fragrance and Geranium for promoting skin renewal, calming and balancing the mind.



Beauty Sleep Amethyst Bath & Body Crystoil


Sing yourself a lullaby and sleep beautifully with an indulgent blend of sleep and relaxation inducing essential oils crystal charged with Amethyst to block stress, negative energies and calm.  Lavender true calms strong emotions and soothes, Sweet Orange adds joyful and happy dreams, Chamomile releases build-up of tensions and helps calm and heal. This crystal charged with Amethyst encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom, blocks stress and negative energies and brings you back to neutral for the best possible beauty sleep. Ingredients include Lavender True for healing and cleansing the body, Sweet Orange for antiseptic benefits and Chamomile for calming and meditate fragrances, mildly sedative and a cure for insomnia.



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