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    Hotel Costes

    Set in the heart of Paris, in a late 19th century building, is the world-renowned Hotel Costes - the number one Parisian destination for lovers of opulence and style. From film stars to models, trendy ‘fashionistas’ to honeymooners, Hotel Costes has rapidly become the place to stay in Paris.

    Behind COSTES

    The Hotel

    Designed by Klay Robinson, with the brief “all things in excess”, Hotel Costes has become renowned for its luxurious yet personal atmosphere as well as the elaborate attention to detail. This has been the inspiration for the much loved Costes fragrance and body range, which captures the essence of Hotel Costes; from the seductive scents to the quality of ingredients.

    The Costes fragrance and body range was the product of Artistic Director, Rami Mekdachi, and the formidable talents of master perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, who has also created perfumes for Dyptique and L’Artisan. The range of scented candles, fragrance, bath and body products have since become firm favourites in the homes of those who hold many happy memories from their stay at Hotel Costes.

    Costes Home Collection

    Re-create the chic atmosphere of Hotel Costes in your own home with their exquisite collection of scented candles. Created by master Perfumer Olivia Giacobbetti (famed for creating signature scents for Dyptique and L’Artisan) under the creative direction of Rami Mekdachi, Costes’ Scented Candles bled the finest notes to deliver a collection of unique and truly inspired scents that embody the opulence and Parisian charm of the world famous Hotel Costes.

    ‘Brown’ is a seductive blend of woods, rum, orange and musk that delivers a warming, spicy aroma perfect for creating an intimate ambience.

    ‘White’ is a light, uplifting affair with a contemporary blend of ginger, banana tree, lily and musk.

    ‘Pink’ is a fruity concoction of Mango, Frangipani Flower & Teak Wood notes that make an invigorating first impression.

    ‘Orange’ is the ultimate gourmand’s candle, with a rich blend of orange, coffee, ginger and spices. 



    Costes Fragrance No.1 – Red

    Inspired by the incredibly ‘en vogue’ and inviting ambience of Hotel Costes, Fragrance No.1 (Red) is a sultry blend of lavender and laurel top notes, rose, white pepper and coriander seed heart and a base of incense, wood and musk that delivers a rather seductive first impression. Master Perfumer, Olivia Giacobbetti has brilliantly captured the warm, trendy and opulent atmosphere of Hotel Costes in this first signature scent to come from the luxury hotel brand. Used throughout the bath and body range, Fragrance No.1 adapts to suit both men and women and has quickly developed a cult following the world-over.

    Hotel Costes Bedroom

    Costes Fragrance No.2 - Black

    The second signature scent to come from the world famous Hotel Costes, Fragrance ‘No.2’ (Black) is an inspired blend of Orange Blossom, Turkish Rose, Cinnamon, Ceylon & Gaiac Wood that envelops the senses with a cosy, comforting aroma. Inspired by the inviting, intimate atmosphere of Hotel Costes, Fragrance ‘No.2’ is a lighter scent than Costes No.1 and is suited to those who would prefer a more subtle perfume during the day. Adored by both men and women, this Costes Fragrance ‘No.2’ makes a charming and sophisticated addition to the Costes Collection.