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    Escentric Molecules Escentric 01 Eau de Toilette Travel Spray 30ml Refill

    • Fragrance from Escentric Molecules
    • Zesty notes with soft wood and orris incense
    • 65% Iso E Super brings out your own pheromones
    • 30ml Travel Spray refill

    Escentric Molecules 01, 02, 03, created by Geza Schoen, allow the single note aroma chemical to fuse with your own hormones to create a signature scent as unique as you. Partner or layer the molecules to create even more unique aromas. The line also includes body washes to further enhance the longevity of the scents by creating a base for your fragrance. Escentric Escentric 01 contains the second highest concentration (65%) of Iso E Super - and aroma chemical - ever used in perfumery. Iso E Super fuses with your body's own pheromones to create your own signature scent. Stamp your own style on your grooming routine with the dazzling, emotional fragrance, Molecule 01, which contains notes of pink pepper, lime peel and orris incense to bring out your body's unique scent. Zesty pink pepper infused in tart lime create a sparkling accent to the dark, soft wood heart, resting on a warm heart of smoky orris incense.

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