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    Karin Herzog 7 Creams of the Week

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    • Contains seven creams and one applicator brush
    • Designed to be used each day of the week
    • Complete skincare set
    • For all skin types
    Karin Herzog 7 Creams of The Week is a luxurious and complete skincare set, providing targeted benefits for each day of the week. A great gift and introduction to the world of Karin Herzog and oxygen therapy. The set includes 7 creams for face in 15ml and 1 small applicator brush. The brush ensures that all of the benefits of the cream are imparted directly to the skin on your face and not lost in your fingertips. MONDAY = Rose 15ml: Gently hydrate and soothe your skin with Rose. Contains 1% active oxygen combined with rose extracts to energise your skin. TUESDAY = AHA Cream 15ml: Formulated with fruit acids (AHA) to help exfoliate and revitalise tired, dull skin. WEDNESDAY = Vita-A-Kombi 1 15ml: The Vita-A-Kombi 1 anti-ageing face cream contains 1% active oxygen combined with Vitamin A to hydrate, nourish and fight against signs of ageing. THURSDAY = Additional Sweet 15ml: Comfort the skin with the nourishing cream Additional Sweet rich in vitamins to nourish and protect the skin. FRIDAY = Oxygen Face 15ml: Oxygenate the skin with the 2% oxygen, this cream will purify and deeply hydrate the skin. SATURDAY = Essential Mask 15ml: The hydrating face mask contains 2% active oxygen to help fight against signs of tiredness and tone the skin for a genuine boost and instant radiance. SUNDAY = Vitamin H 15ml: Rest and nourish the skin with the extra nourishing cream Vitamin H. Your complete weekly routine, including one cream for each day of the week.
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    Dr Paul Herzog - Nobel Institute


    Doctor Paul Herzog, a renowned and widely respected scientist from the Nobel Institute in Stockholm, remains the first scientist to successfully stabilise oxygen within a light emulsion - holding two global patents. When the effects of stabilised oxygen were tested on the human epidermis the results were nothing short of a break through.


    The Power of Oxygen


    The effects of stabilised oxygen were found to have benefits applicable to anti-ageing, the promotion of collagen production, pH balancing, fighting problematic and congested skin and curative properties. Oxygen has natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral benefits. It can even help fight acne by destroying the bacteria that causes spots. 


    Effective For All Skin Types


    Thanks to a truly breath-taking and advanced skin care line, we are now able to deliver back to our skin, what life, age, and modern living takes out. Karin Herzog Oxygen products are 100% preservative-free, 100% effective and 100% suitable for all skin types.


    Typically, within a few days of using Karin Herzog products you will see a difference in clarity, tone and texture of your complexion. The products are true, honest and reliable.