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    Karin Herzog Additional Sweet 50ml

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    • Anti ageing
    • Contains vitamins A and E
    • Contains avocado oil and wheat germ oil
    • For all skin types
    Karin Herzog Additional Sweet is an intensive, vitamin-rich face moisturiser formulated with Vitamins A and E, Avocado Oil and Wheat Germ Oil. The nourishing treatment cream replenishes the hydro-lipidic film of the epidermis to help restore optimal moisture and plumpen the skin over night. Additional Sweet helps to regulate the skin's hydration levels to maximise the benefit of the Vita-A-Kombi oxygen creams. The essential oils help to provide deep nourishment to the skin. Vitamins A and E help to revive dull skin and sooth inflamed or overactive skin. Additional Sweet also helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additional Sweet is perfect for use while the skin is acclimating to the Vit-A-Kombi oxygen therapy creams. It is also especially recommended for use in cold climates or drying conditions where the skin would benefit from an additional dose of nourishment. Use daily as an overnight treatment or when needed. Apply directly to face and neck. Use alone or over Vita-A-Kombi or Vita-A-Kombi AHA cream if additional hydration is needed. The perfect over-night cream to provide deep nourishment and help plump the skin and leave it feeling soft, soothed and refreshed.
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    Dr Paul Herzog - Nobel Institute


    Doctor Paul Herzog, a renowned and widely respected scientist from the Nobel Institute in Stockholm, remains the first scientist to successfully stabilise oxygen within a light emulsion - holding two global patents. When the effects of stabilised oxygen were tested on the human epidermis the results were nothing short of a break through.


    The Power of Oxygen


    The effects of stabilised oxygen were found to have benefits applicable to anti-ageing, the promotion of collagen production, pH balancing, fighting problematic and congested skin and curative properties. Oxygen has natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral benefits. It can even help fight acne by destroying the bacteria that causes spots. 


    Effective For All Skin Types


    Thanks to a truly breath-taking and advanced skin care line, we are now able to deliver back to our skin, what life, age, and modern living takes out. Karin Herzog Oxygen products are 100% preservative-free, 100% effective and 100% suitable for all skin types.


    Typically, within a few days of using Karin Herzog products you will see a difference in clarity, tone and texture of your complexion. The products are true, honest and reliable.