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    Malin+Goetz 10% Sulfur Paste 14ml

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    • Combat acne pimples and spots overnight
    • Combines salicylic acid with 10% active sulfur
    • Zinc oxide prevents scarring
    • Quick and effective against occasional acne
    Formerly called "Acne Treatment", the highly effective 10% Sulfur Paste (in USA 'Acne Treatment Nighttime') combines salicylic acid with 10% active sulfur to dry out and combat acne pimples and spots. Balanced with organic camphor to help fight impurities, the unique formula incorporates zinc oxide to aid and help prevent scarring. Active Sulfur dries, Salicylic Acid exfoliates, Organic Camphor calms and Zinc Oxide heals. Malin+Goetz have designed this treatment to be used for occasional adult acne. Please seek a dermatologist's recommendations for more regular or acute acne conditions. Do not shake. Apply white sulfur sediment (from the clear alcohol solution) with cotton swab directly on to blemish at bedtime as an overnight treatment. The white sediment will harden and can be washed away during morning cleansing. Due to its strength, it is recommended you try the formula on a patch of skin first to test skin sensitivity. PLEASE NOTE: Shake excess alcohol from swab and avoid leaving lid off jar as the alcohol easily evaporates, leaving the solution dried and unusable. Should this happen, or, alcohol is spilled from the jar, simple rubbing alcohol can be added or substituted for future use. An effective combination of salicicylic acid and 10% active sulfur to target and dry out spots.
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    • 16-Jun-2019

    • 09-Nov-2018

    • 01-Nov-2018

    • 28-Sep-2017

      Brilliant service and product.

    • 01-Mar-2017

      This is possibly the best acne treatment I've used, & I've used many over the years. Dries up blemishes overnight and calms down redness.

    Behind MALIN+GOETZ

    From its original apothecary style home in Chelsea New York, Malin+Goetz brings a modern twist to the traditional world of skincare, fusing a sense of style and design with products created for sensitive skin and allergies. It is a labour of love as well as commercial enterprise from Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, the couple whose backgrounds cross skincare and design respectively.

    Sensitive Skin

    The idea behind the brand stemmed from Matthew’s own skin issues with rosacea, eczema, seborrhea, fragrance allergies and dry skin. He wanted to provide products that didn’t contain rubbish, that worked and didn't irritate, and the key was to keep things simple - much as their packaging denotes. Their 20 year story is an ongoing whirlwind of carefully crafted acid-based cleansing agents, natural pH balancing ingredients, nourishing fatty acids, botanical extracts and a little chemistry thrown in for good measure.

    Their products are for men and women, are fuss-free and easy to use, thus differentiating themselves from other brands on the market. Crucially, they’re made by two ultra-stylish men who need their skincare products to actually work, so that they can get on with the business of enjoying life - walking their pugs, drinking coffee and venturing out to excellent New York theatre. Herein lies the basis and integrity of the brand.

    Designed For Life

    From the eucalyptus deodorant that’s toxin-free to the peppermint shampoo that’s natural, fresh smelling and suitable for everyday use, removing product build up without stripping hair of its nutrients, everything at Malin+Goetz is carefully crafted and designed for life.

    Matthew and Andrew, during a Brummells team visit to NY