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    Menscience Face Buff Brush

    • helps to loosen dirt and oily residues
    • Complement the all round cleansing action of the Daily Face Wash
    • Leaves skin smooth and healthy
    • Helps to prevent ingrown hairs
    The Face Buff Brush from Menscience works to compliment the all round cleansing action of the Daily Face Wash. To use place a small amount of Daily Face Wash on the Buff Brush and gently massage the brush over the face in circular motions. The exfoliating action helps to loosen dirt and oily residues from the skins surface and deep within the pores. Dead skin cells are gently buffed away leaving a smooth healthy looking complexion. The Face Buff Brush gently loosens ingrown hairs, raises and firms stubble leaving skin perfectly prepped pre shave. Use lukewarm water to wet face and brush. Take a small amount of face cleanser and add it to the brush. Gently massage the brush with circular motions into the skin. Rinse both your face and the brush well. Make sure you dry the Face Buff Brush in a ventilated area. Compliments the all round cleansing action of the Daily Face Wash.
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    Behind Menscience

    We want products that work and work efficiently, and that is the unrelenting premise of MenScience, founded to provide targeted and effective skincare solutions.

    Professional-Grade Ingredients for Proven Results

    High-quality, dermatological-grade skincare products are the goal at this game-changing brand, and it all started when looking for a solution to ingrown hairs and razor burn - real problems for real men (and women for that matter). Using professional grade ingredients, their line hones in on specific problems and nothing reaches the shelves without proving optimum efficacy. Acne, anti ageing, shaving and nutrition have all come under the scrutiny of the Miami-based perfectionists.

    Committed to Excellence

    Founded in 2004, Menscience celebrates men who commit to excellence, particularly in health and wellbeing. Products reflect their purposeful ethos and contain neither fragrances or dyes; they have an almost medicinal vibe and are efficient and to the point. With every product that launches they continue to work with results underscoring everything that they do.

    Ranging from cleansing masks and body washes to shampoo, acne pads and multivitamins, the brand caters to all skin types and invites positive reviews from across the globe. Their Microfine Face Scrub for example gently buffs away dead skin cells with a combination of glycolic acid and salicylic acid, while their Advanced Deodorant is an antibacterial formula without alcohol or aluminium, thus supporting health and wellbeing whilst also offering effective, hypoallergenic performance using deodorisers, microzeolites and botanical extracts to target the bacteria.