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    RIKRAK Lavender Eucalyptus Hand & Body Lotion 295ml

    • Light and easily absorbed
    • Nourishing shea butter
    • Soothing almond oil
    • Made in the UK

    A light and absorbent hand and body lotion with intensely nourishing shea butter and soothing sweet almond oil. Lavender Eucalyptus is the latest scent from Kit Kemp, joining the bespoke bath, body and skin care collection, RIKRAK. .

    AQUA (WATER)7732-18-5; CETEARYL ALCOHOL 67762-27-0, 8005-44-5; GLYCERYL STEARATE 67701-33-1; PARFUM (FRAGRANCE); CALENDULA OFFICINALIS FLOWER EXTRACT 84776-23-8; PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS (SWEET ALMOND) OIL 8007-69-0; STEARETH-2 9005-00-9 (GENERIC), 16057-43-5; STEARETH-21 9005-00-9 (Generic); BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA) BUTTER 194043-92-0; PHENOXYETHANOL 122-99-6; GLYCERIN 56-81-5; CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE 65381-09-1; TOCOPHEROL 10191-41-0; CARBOMER 9003-01-4, 9007-16-3, 9007-17-4, 9062-04-8, 76050-42-5; DISODIUM EDTA 6381-92-6; ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN 70445-33-9; POTASSIUM SORBATE 590-00-1, 2463-61-5; ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF EXTRACT 85507-69-3,94349-62-9; ARCTIUM LAPPA ROOT EXTRACT 84012-13-5; MELISSA OFFICINALIS LEAF EXTRACT 84082-61-1; PASSIFLORA EDULIS FLOWER EXTRACT 91770-48-8; CITRIC ACID 77-92-9; SODIUM BENZOATE 532-32-1
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    Behind RIKRAK

    London is one of the most stylish cities in the world, an epicentre of creativity and innovation, and so it is, that infused with the simultaneous sophistication and joie de vivre of classic good taste meeting contemporary design, that one of the most stylish bath and body brands was born.

    Kit Kemp

    If you want to create an ultra stylish brand, go to the most stylish woman in London. RikRak is the brainchild of Kit Kemp, the Design Director of the worldwide collection of Firmdale Hotels, frequented by the likes of Taylor Swift, Daniel Craig and Sir Mick Jagger. She is known for her unfailing ability to march to the beat of her own drummer with an iconic interior style, and believing that fragrance is the fourth dimension that influences one’s experience of space, RikRak has been the natural progression of her craft. It is every inch as stylish as she is and infused with her favourite and most evocative botanic fragrances, most notably gardenia, which she is known to wear herself.


    Kit sees her products as an extension of the adventure of travelling, and they feature in the exclusive portfolio of hotels from New York to London. In a collection of candles, creams, soaps and shower gels they capture the essence of an English garden in full summer bloom.

    The Gardenia Greenleaf, in particular, is a zesty fusion of gardenia, rose and orange blossom, lifted by green leaves, fresh lilies and bergamot zest, and heartened by amber and vanilla. Meanwhile, the new Lavender Eucalyptus fragrance is a soothing blend of bergamot, rosemary and lemon mixed with eucalyptus and lavender.

    Soholistic Spa


    The products are recognised for their style, sophistication and lasting scent, a testament to their high quality which is one of the cornerstones of all Kit’s work. It is the sensual embodiment of her design and something to carry a sense of freshness throughout the day, always leaving an impression on those you meet; a tantalising sense of wanting more.