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    Shiseido Suncare Brilliant Bronze Quick Self-Tanning Gel - Face & Body 150ml

    Special Price £16.50 Regular Price £33.00
    • Beautiful, glowing bronze colour
    • Feels light and silky on skin
    • Gel formula
    • Instant, even colour

    Please note that some of our sale collection might have bruised or slightly damaged outer boxes. Just remember it's what inside that counts!

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    Shiseido’s early creations were rooted in science and many were advanced for their time. In 1888 Shiseido launched Japan’s first toothpaste, while in 1897 Shiseido launched Eudermine a skin lotion so advanced that it is still sold today more than a century later. These early successes helped Shiseido build a loyal clientele that included royalty and elite society.

    After a period spent studying and travelling around Europe and The United States, Fukuhara’s son, Shinzo, a talented photographer returned to Japan and joined his father’s company. Shiseido was building a reputation for its drive to improve the science of skincare through research and development. It now embraced the creative energies of Shinzo. His design and aesthetic influence became entwined with Shiseido’s strong technological roots.

     In 1916, Shinzo gathered together the best artists of the time to create a series of distinctive Art Nouveau inspired posters and advertisements. The products became as distinctively designed as the formulas. High image, high quality and high service became the lasting characteristics of Shiseido.

    From here, Shiseido began to develop its own very unique aesthetic and style. It has also continued to earn a reputation for products that combine leading innovation with outstanding quality.


    The name Shiseido originates from an ancient Chinese poem, called Ekkyo. The poem invites the discovery of new values and the pursuit of creativity. Shiseido’s name is composed of three Chinese characters over 2000 years old, which mean mutual exchange with nature. 

    Shiseido is a pioneer in combining eastern aesthetics and sensibility with western science. Tradition combined with technology, oriental restraint expressed with western flair. With more than a hundred and twenty five years of cosmetics experience, Shiseido has a unique expertise in creating products with the most advanced technologies. It is a truly contemporary company, consistently at the leading edge of wellness and beauty, while still retaining the traditional ethos and respect for nature from its eastern roots. 

    Science & Technology 

    Shiseido operate a massive 13 research centres all over the world that have to date patented more than 1000 formulas. In terms of scale and quality, the Shiseido facilities are unrivalled within the cosmetics industry. The company is passionately involved in research surrounding skin ageing, dermatological treatments, stress management, the causes of greying hair, hair loss, aromachology and many more