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Therapie Awaken Skin Rehab 125g

Special Price £24.00 Regular Price £30.00
  • Nourishes skin
  • Boosts circulation
  • Contains green bamboo, yoghurt, honey, pineapple, sandalwood and zeolite powders
  • For all skin types
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A cocktail of the finest natural and aromatherapeutic ingredients, Therapie Awaken Skin Rehab is a super fine powder that smoothes and nourishes skin, boosts circulation, draws out impurities and helps to condition skin. Green bamboo powder cleanses and conditions skin; Yoghurt powder - rich in lactic acid - helps to tone skin and restore its natural radiance. With anti-bacterial and moisturising properties, Honey powder helps to cleanse and nourish skin. Pineapple helps to refresh skin, while sandalwood has healing qualities; lotus seed stimulates blood flow to optimise cellular regeneration and repair. Zeolite clay helps to balance pH and detoxify the skin, while pink lotus absolute soothes the mind and helps ease stress. In the shower apply to damp skin and massage all over your body. Alternatively mix with your favourite bath & shower gel or oil and massage in then rinse. A fine powder that can be used with your favourite bath & shower gel or will melt into slightly damp skin to help slough away dead skin, draw out impurities and boost circulation.