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Therapie Joie Uplifting Bath Salts 200g

Special Price £36.00 Regular Price £48.00
  • Comforts body and mind
  • Contains soothing Frankincense, Himalayan Cedarwood, Rose Quartz, Jasper Crystal and Buttermilk powders
  • Kaolinite, Iron and Calcite exfoliate
  • For all skin types
A luxurious bath soak that is a pure comfort to body and mind. The soft aromatics of Frankincense soothe stresses away, while Himalayan Cedarwood helps to lift your spirits. A blend of Rose Quartz powder and Jasper Crystal powder helps to reduce negative energy and balance the mind. Buttermilk powder, high in skin softening lactic acid and a natural pro-biotic, helps to normalise bacterial levels keeping skin healthy and promoting healing. A superior blend of purifying Kaolinite, Iron and Calcite (French Pink Clay) helps to detoxify and physically exfoliate skin - gently removing dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling super-soft and smooth. A powdered bath soak that helps to ease the mind, relieve negative energy, improve the condition of your skin and boost circulation.