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    Triumph & Disaster Old Fashioned Shave Cream 100ml Jar

    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Contains lanolin and coconut essential oils
    • Promotes a close, smooth shave
    • For all skin types
    A blend of lanolin and coconut essential oils create a gentle formulation that is suitable for sensitive skin. Lanolin is a natural emollient with moisturising and protective properties. It helps to create a natural glide on the surface of the skin. The combination of coconut oil extracts help to build the perfect lather. The fatty acids and organic compounds within the coconut extracts work in helping the water and oil components of the cream to combine and form the density of the lather. The Old Fashioned Shave Cream uniquely does not require a lot of water. In fact you should use a minimal amount of water just to begin to generate a lather and then progress to whisking the lather up with a brush or using your fingers. We find the best results are with a brush and shaving mug. Take a small amount of cream into the shaving mug. The mug should be sitting in a basin of hot water to heat the mug. Dip your brush in the basin of hot water, shake gently and then begin to whisk the cream into a lather. The cream carries a fresh yet delicately warm fragrance. A unique formulation that requires very little water and produces a thin, but super slick lather for a superb shave. The lather will not clog your razor or leave unnecessary residue. No harsh ingredients and ideal for sensitive skin. Free from parabens, petrochemicals and silicones.
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    • 08-Feb-2018

    Behind Triumph & Disaster

    Triumph & Disaster stems from a process of trial and error. An evolution of ideas of what men need in their grooming products has led to this.

    A collaboration of chemists and a world class perfumer have brought ideas to life and developed a range of products for the man who wants clean, healthy, vibrant skin. The man who wants a close, clean shave. The man who want to feel great about their grooming routine.

    The brand is Triumph & Disaster.

    Natural Ingredients

    What comes from the earth goes back to it – Triumph & Disaster produce products as natural as possible without compromising performance or safety.

    Good Science

    No parabens, no petrochemicals and no silicones.


    Simple, natural formulations engineered with honest intentions.




    Benjamin Franklin famously once quipped ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’ – and the key to prevention is preparation.



    Getting it right and pulling it off your way is an art form. Choose ONLY great tools.



    Aging is constant and irreversible. Do not spend your life fighting it, ride it out in style. Choose natural, choose good science and choose products that work with nature and not against it. Choose Triumph & Disaster.

    Simple, natural formulations engineered with honest intentions.